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New colorways as well as classic black will be available via Kickstarter. This is REVO's first Kickstarter campaign and we hope you will be part of the project! thanks for your continued support.

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VALUE.  A key component to every REVO product.  The sub $30 price point is one of the most saturated and competitive segments of everyday carry tools.  There is an ocean of options, and the decisions can be overwhelming.  From the beginning, REVO Chief Designer, Tommy Ward, knew that creating our best offering in this segment was going to be a challenge.  How will we stand out among thousands of choices?  How can we offer a product at an economic price point but still retain our core quality and design values?  The answer: REVO CANYON! 


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We took inspiration from some of the most affordable options and brands that our targeted customer segment have gravitated to in the past.  The existing market already offered low cost, but we didn’t just want to be affordable; we also wanted to be distinct.  The Canyon is everything REVO.  Distinct style, quality mechanics and construction, and functional in everyday settings.  


To start, we wanted a unique blade profile.  We opted for a big belly blade to provide excellent cutting geometry for daily tasks.  The Canyon offers a bold look that truly stands out upon opening.  We also chose a smooth and convenient button lock opening mechanism.  The button is low profile while the deployment action is super smooth.

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“The amount of options in the sub $30 EDC market is overwhelming!  How can we design something that would capture the attention of this vast market?  The Canyon is a knife that really speaks to the foundation of REVO: Make the best product for the given price.  This is particularly challenging when you are working with a lower budget.  Fortunately, inspiration is FREE!  If there is anything we really put our minds to when designing the Canyon is making the knife fun and exciting.  The handles are fiberglass-reinforced nylon, but instead of a flat texture, we put our own carbon weave pattern to make it stand out.  We put a hollow grind on the wide belly that adds a level of geometry to the blade.

This is one project I am very eager to present to our customers and I think they’re really going to like it!”

- Lawrence Ho (REVO Co-founder/CEO)


The handles are durable reinforced nylon with a unique carbon pattern.  They offer an excellent, high-quality look, with just enough texture for a secure grip while not being overly aggressive when removing and placing in and out of the pocket.  Beneath the scales are stainless steel liners that promise a lifetime of use.

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“Value or budget is often associated with bland and boring.  Why can’t a product have value but also be exciting?  When I was concepting the Canyon I didn’t want any part of it to be boring.  To start, the blade profile really had to make a statement.  I wanted something that immediately captured the attention of the user.  The big belly blade really makes the knife stand out.  But in addition to looking great, it also provides a very functional edge profile for EDC tasks.  The handles have a modest contour for great ergonomics and blend into the geometry of the blade.  Traditionally button locks have larger buttons, but I went with a more understated-sized button.   It adds to the low-profile look of the knife, but does not impede on the deployment of the blade.  I had a lot of fun designing the Canyon and I really think it shows in the final product!”

- Thomas Ward (REVO Chief Product Designer)

The Canyon also offers versatility with a high-strength reversible steel pocket clip.  This allows both left and right-hand, tip-up carry based on user preference.

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As with all REVO products, the Canyon is backed by a lifetime warranty.  Use and carry your Canyon with confidence.  Any issues with the Canyon or other REVO products are serviced in our USA factory located in Mead, Colorado!  

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