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Upgrade your Nexus to a titanium bushing system with the new Nebulas Bushing Kit!  No special fitting is required.  The Nebulas Bushing system replaces the steel washers and bearings of any Nexus platform.  In its place are four brass flanges that act as smooth surfaces for the blade and take up the space between the handle and blade pivot surface.  In the middle will be a Titanium Bushing that rests in a counterbore machined within one side of the brass flange.  This "free-float" system is unique to the Nexus and allows complete compatibility and interchangeability of the pivot system.

The kit includes:

  • - 4 Brass Flanges (These replace the 4 steel surface washers and 4 ceramic bearings).
  • - 2 Titanium Bushings.
  • - 2 Steel Pivot Screws. (These will replace the 2 sex bolt pivots).

The Nebulas Bushing Kit was designed to be installed by the user.  However, we do have a  factory install option where you can send your Nexus in for the Nebulas conversion.  Please contact for further instructions.

Installation is Easy!

You will need a T10 Torx Driver/bit to disassemble/reassemble the Nexus.

revo t10 torx

1) Disassemble the Nexus.  You only need to remove both scales from one side.

disassemble revo nexus

2) Remove bearings AND then remove the steel thrust washers from inside the handles.  DO NOT LEAVE THE STEEL WASHERS INSIDE THE  HANDLES!

 revo nexus steel washer removal

3) Place the brass flanges with the counterbore facing outward.  

revo nebulas brass flange facing out bushing system

4) Place the bushings inside the counterbore of the brass flange.

revo nebulas ti bushing upgrade inserted

5) Carefully place the blade over the bushings through the pivot holes and reassemble the knife.  Note: the anti-rotation sexbolts will be replaced with the additional two screws provided.

reassemble revo nexus nebulas bushings



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