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Born/raised. Denver, CO

Background – Industrial Designer, worked for Magpul Ind.  Kershaw – ZT – Southern Grind, Case Knives and Buck.

Studied – Standley Lake HS in Westminster, CO and MSU in Denver for a BS in Industrial Design

Why REVO? – In an effort to make the very best products for other gear and function driven folks that appreciate value and inspiring thoughtful design.

Role in REVO – Chief Designer and focused on all execution of manufacturing and production.

Hobbies & Interests –Living the outdoor Colorado lifestyle, Ballgames with and for the family, Golf, and a the love of growing good business that matters.

Thomas lives by the Motto – Memento Mori to remind him to live life to the fullest every day. When it comes to business and life his philosophy is to "do 5 things everyday that f***ing matter"!  Thomas loves spending time with his wife and two kids who are now almost teenagers.   He frequents Downtown Frederick at Georgia Boys for a whiskey lemonade and pulled pork. You may also catch him at annual tree carving festival. Certainly anything downtown Loveland on 4th street. He also owns and operates his own barbershop - Tommy’s Barbers & Blades, aka TBBs (best in the World!). If you want to see what he's working on you'll find him either at the barbershop or at Havana Manor in Longmont where he enjoys a fine cigar from time to time.


Born/Raised - St. Paul, MN / Denver, Colorado

Currently Resides - New Jersey

Background - Before REVO Lawrence spent 12 years in the Logistics Industry. He is now Co-Owner/Foudner Bladerunners Systems and E-Volve knives with 12 years experience in the cutlery industry.

Studied - Rutgers University School of Business, New Brunswick, NJ. BA Business Management. 2002.

Why REVO? - REVO is a platform that allows me to realize my creative endeavors. It allows me to engage with the community one on one which is my favorite part of the job.

Role in REVO: COO / Founder / Mission Control. Operational management, supply chain management, marketing development, and logistics.

Hobbies & Interests - Lawrence enjoys staying active. Basketball, Boxing, and BJJ are his go to sports. He is also an avid shooter and loves a trip to the range. He has two boys and loves to engage with them in their interests.

The pursuit of improvement. This is what drives Lawrence to wake up each morning. He believes that everyone has the potential to do better and be better. Learning new skills is one of the most exciting parts of life and encourages him to constantly pursue knowledge. Much of Lawrence's passions such as shooting video, photos, graphic design have translated well into his line of work at REVO. Finding new applications of knowledge while developing relationships with people is the best part about the job for him. His favorite part of the job is meeting the customers, so come by and say hi next time REVO is at a local show!

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