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The Spirit is here!  The REVO Spirit embodies our design philosophy that anything we create must feel authentic.  Functionality is always important, but inspiration is also a core component of REVO products.  

"I have to feel excitement and enjoy the process of creating and designing.  When I do I know I'm on to something."  - Thomas Ward / Chief Designer REVO

The Spirit is was designed with a unique energy.  We wanted something fun and different that would stand out in a way that engages our audience.  

Functionally the Spirit was meant to be carried without a clip.  It has a streamlined build and profile that is meant to drop into your pocket or spare change pocket and disappear.  It features a micro button-lock mechanism that also serves as the knife's detent when closed.

The handles are aluminum and the scales are solid, billet carbon fiber.  Hidden under the carbon fiber scale is a lanyard loop that tucks away when not in use.  This gives the user the option of hooking the knife to a keychain or magnetic clip.  

The Spirit was one of the funniest REVO projects we've worked on and we think you will enjoy using it as much as we did creating it!

Blade: 1.95" / 14c28n
Handle: 2.5"
Overall: 4.5"
Weight: 3 oz
Handle Material: Aluminum
Handle Scale: Billet Carbon Fiber
Deployment: Mini Button Lock



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Type: Folding Knife

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